Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Baby's got a job!

My Studly Hubby starts work tomorrow. He took on a short (2 month) contract job doing web development for MSN, a division of Microsoft. Here in Seattle, Microsoft is an empire that spans both sides of the highway. Because everyone in the city works for Microsoft they jam up the freeway going out there every morning and every night, so my Studly Hubby is going to try taking the bus and see whether that's any less stressful (he has to watch his blood pressure ya know). He's rather excited to see what the Microsoft Empire is like from the inside, and the project he's working on sounds really neat-o. I'm so excited I've already spent half his first paycheck on booze and hookers (translate: protein bars and running clothes).

Meanwhile we're having a storm of aunts-and-uncles here in the J & D village - it was my aunt and uncle last weekend, then my Studly Hubby's aunt and uncle are coming for a visit this coming weekend (for Memorial Day!). We're going to take them to some sites we haven't seen yet. Hopefully we'll have more good weather - it's been a little off-and-on lately. It's always so much fun to see our friends and family, especially when they come visit us. We feel lucky to have had so many visitors this year.

Do you remember back in childhood when Memorial Day always meant the eventual end of school and the coming glory days of summer? I can remember many such Memorial Day weekends and how excited I was. Nowadays everything flies by so fast I barely even notice. So I think we should all stop for a moment and appreciate spring and the coming summer, and remember that exhilarating feeling of anticipation that's buried deep down somewhere.



Peggy said...

Congratulations Derek! It is because of MSN that I only ever see the back of my youngest child's head most days.

susan said...

I can't wait to hear how he does on the bus. I'm considering having my oldest take the bus into town when she starts at the aquarium this summer. I just can't see me driving back and forth twice a day!

Kerry said...

Add my congrats to these. I think the bus is a great choice. A lot less stressful.

uncle bruce said...

Working for the Empire? When does he get the chip implant in his brain? (That's what they asked me when I was working for IBM.)