Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spring garden

In Seattle, January = spring.

So our neighbors kindly pointed out to us that the garden looked like it could use some help (they were offering, actually) and the Studly Hubby jumped right on it - he got advice from them, paid close attention to it, then went out as soon as the rain let up and went crazy.

I should have taken a before picture, but here it is in progress:

And our cute house (with the blue door):

Note the Studly Hubby on the right trimming away, and you really can't see it but behind the pink flamingo in the front yard is a pile of weeds about waist-high (this is the hard part about gardening in Seattle - keeping down the weeds).

He isn't even crabby... and he normally doesn't like to garden. He was gardening so hard he even gave himself a blister. Something must be putting him in a good mood these days...

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