Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Studly Hubby and I have been working hard on the nursery over the past month. It involved several hurdles - first, we had to get our junk out of the baby's room, which meant we finally had to buy furniture for our room. We've been putting this off for years, but it turned out it was pretty easy once we finally committed.We found a really beautiful furniture set! And it really makes me feel like a grown-up to have some real furniture.

Next we moved the Studly Hubby's old dresser into the baby's room and almost instantly filled it up with baby clothes - all of them were given to us at our shower or by friends with babies - and I have to admit it was awfully fun folding and sorting all those cute baby clothes!

Then we hauled all the junk out of the baby room that was in there so we would have some room. This is what the nursery looked like before:

It took us a few weekends to sort it, then we were set back another weekend by a friend who brought over a whole truckload of baby things... but eventually we got it all put away (she had to come back later to help guide us through the pile).

Then the Studly Hubby got to work putting together the crib and the changing table, and we bought decals from Dali Decals for the walls, and some other decor from Ikea.

Finally, it was starting to look like a room and not a storage facility...


At the very end, we put up a picture we got from a local art festival by Justin Hillgrove's "Imps and Monsters" collection - I got it because it reminded me of the Studly Hubby early in the morning but then we thought it would be good for the baby's room to ward off any real monsters.

The Studly Hubby put together a bunch of pictures of the nursery using Microsoft's PhotoSynth program - if you download Silverlight you can walk almost all the way around the baby's room!


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Yeah! Love the decals!

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The nursery looks so cute!! Great job! :)