Friday, January 01, 2010

FINALLY got caught up!

I finally got caught up! Lots of new posts below, all from our adventures over the last month. 2010 is beginning today and I wanted to start off with my blog all caught up.

A lot of people like to do a 'year in review' type post on New Years which I'm sure I've done before but our year was so big I don't feel like I could ever do it justice with one post. I'll just have to trust that you have been reading my blog and remember all the good stuff. Here are some key words to help jog your memory:

Family reunion, trips to the midwest
Busy busy spring
Even busier summer
New house, big move
Same jobs
Nice rainy slow fall

Hope you all have great plans for 2010!

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Peggy said...

Happy New Year Josie & Derek!!