Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another baby shower!!

A lovely friend of mine in Seattle decided to host a baby shower for me. We made it NO BOYS so it could be extra girly - and it was! I can't believe how many friends I've made here!!

The host of the shower, she was so great to do this! She put out a beautiful display of food and flowers:

And even made cupcakes! With little babies in them. She put some of the babies head-first into the cupcakes because she said they had 'cute butts' that needed to also be visible.

Then she got on 'The Bump" (spawn of "The Knot") and found some great ideas for baby shower games - they ended up being super fun! The first one was for everyone to take bets on the width of my belly (at it's largest), and EVERYONE guessed over (some more than others, ahem). My belly is actually 39.5 inches around. The winner was a four-way tie (all guessed 42 inches, strangely). The largest guess I think was 65 inches. I guessed 58 inches. Clearly I don't have a good perception of my own belly.

The second game was for everyone to try out baby food that had the labels covered up. About half of them were so gross they made me gag! The only one I guessed right was the 'spaghetti' one.
And the last game was to make 2 words taboo: 'cute' and 'baby' ... everyone gets a pink clothespin at the beginning of the party and if someone says one of those words they lose it to the person that calls them out. What made this one fun was that people were constantly erupting in excited babble and grabbing for clothes pins all around me. Of course I lost mine immediately.

I got some awesome presents too! They girls got together to get me a breast pump, which I had been festering over because they are so expensive... and in addition to that I got lots of other cute things including some awesome party dresses for the girls, some totally cute onesies (including some that were home-decorated!!), an elephant mobile (cuter than I ever imagined), books and some blankets and sheets for the crib.

And I won an award for best mom-to-be at the party!!

Thanks R for hosting such an awesome party and thanks to everyone who came! I had a blast!!!


Uncle KT said...

The shower sounds really fun. I'm so NOT surprised that you made so many friends, you have a great personality! The nursery looks AWESOME. I'm so excited for you two.

uncle bruce said...

Not surprised at your reaction to the baby food. We got (19 years ago) a baby food grinder (we called it our "baby grinder"), which came with a little booklet of recipes called "Baby, Let's Eat" (we called it "Let's Eat Baby"). Very useful!

Kerry said...

Wonderful! Sounds like a good time was had by all, and she did such a great job hosting. What a friend to have. You are really looking like mom to be.

Peggy said...

Whoa! Two baby showers! Lucky lucky you! I have had three babies in my lifetime and never had a baby shower for any of them!

Baby food is gross and expensive. I quite often just mashed up what we were having (within reason - no curry).