Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas House and a changing table

I've been spending a lot of time lately psychotically nesting. Partly I'm just trying to get organized, partly I am venting nervous baby-anxiety, but mostly I am finally ABLE to nest somewhere nice and beautiful because we finally live in such an awesome house.

Here is our living room all decked out for Christmas. We bought a really divine purple rug from Crate and Barrel right before Christmas and it totally brought the room together.

The Studly Hubby also put up Christmas lights around the outside of the house for the first time this year. We got all LED lights and hung LED Santas in the window (which you can't see here but they are cute). After Christmas I plan to put all the lights around the back deck for a year-round light show.

We also have gotten a start on the baby's room:

Last weekend the Studly Hubby put together the first furniture piece which was a changing table we got at our shower (see two posts below). It's really pretty! Next up: crib, bookshelves (glitter purple!), and a dresser.

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Uncle KT said...

You're Christmas stuff looks great. I kinda wish that I had more room to buy MORE Christmas stuff!