Friday, January 01, 2010

Baby Shower #1 - IOWA

I've gotten really behind on my blog posts - and now that I have a day off I might finally get some old stories posted. Sorry they're so late!

Over Thanksgiving we had our first BABY SHOWER!!! The Studly Hubby's Studly sister hosted it. Studly Hubby sister - she remembered all the details, even the sign!!

She rented out a party room and decorated it with lots of cute goodies and supplied food and beverages for all, and we had a great time visiting with all our friends and family who could make it. What a blast! Thanks Studly sister-in-law!!

Food table - complete with a chocolate fountain! The chocolate fountain required a little bit of head-scratching to get it started but it was finally figured out and ran smoothly and provided chocolate nourishment to all afterwards.

We got a load of cute baby things to open up and 'oooh' and 'aaaah' over - I actually worried that people might get bored while we ripped through it all. Thankfully the Studly sister-in-law provided us with a king's hat and tiara to wear so everyone could be properly entertained.

The nice thing about having both families in the same place is that we could get everyone together at once and some of my family got to come too. That's me with my Studly Mommy and Studly Grandmommy (her mother). What's really neat is that my mom was the first girl in her generation, as was I, as will be our daughter.

What a crowd!!! I never knew we knew so many people.

This is most of the Studly Hubby's Studly Family (the Clean-Up Crew, after it was all done). Everything was done so smoothly I didn't even know how to help! It was really amazing.

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