Sunday, January 24, 2010

34 weeks!

We missed a few weeks! We've been busy. But at least we got one in last weekend. I'm almost full-term! And I am finally really showing, as my doctor said last week.

I've had a few of the usual pregnancy complaints but nothing too bad. I learned a neat trick from my baby book too: if you start to get a cramp in your calf (common pregnant lady complaint), FLEX your toes (the opposite of pointing them) to help release your calf muscle - it really works!

Today we had a photographer come out to our house to take pictures of my baby bump! When I scheduled it as part of a 'newborn package' I had no idea how good of shape I'd be in right now but my baby bump was looking super-fine today and I even fit into some of my old pre-pregnancy jeans for the photos. Our photographer is very creative and takes REALLY cute baby and baby-bump pictures. And the Studly Hubby was looking very Studly in a shirt I actually ironed for him and a fresh haircut... hopefully we got some good pictures!

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MJ said...

You're getting so close!