Friday, January 01, 2010

Scrapbook Party!!

I actually pulled off a girly-themed party right after Thanksgiving. I hosted a Scrapbook party from Creative Memories (the 'digital diva' party). I invited over about 15 women-friends (the men went downstairs to the man-cave) and we listened to a presentation about the software and goofed around together before and after. I was the only one that bought the complete software package so it wasn't a great sale for the Creative Memories rep (in red in the picture below), but there was a lot of interest and several people said they would probably buy after Christmas - so hopefully I will get my 'scrapbook buddy' eventually. Meanwhile I have gotten the software and used it to make Christmas cards and now I am working up the nerve to start making a baby book. It IS super fun, and there's lots to do with it!

This is everyone squeezed into our living room. Thankfully multiple people didn't mind sitting on the floor.

The party was SO MUCH FUN we decided to host a follow-up craft/project party this weekend so people can bring their various projects and spend the evening in each other's company trying to make some progress on their crafts. The Studly Hubby is even going to join us and work on some website-making business he's had on the back burner. For the party I am going to pull out a sewing project from last spring - I keep forgetting how to use my sewing machine so it's nice to have some other girls around to help me out.

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