Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seattle Snow

Although rumors have surface that it has already snowed in the Seattle outskirts, we had not seen any in the middle of the city until today, and today was a doozy.

We were out at Green Lake doing a jog around the lake followed by lunch at the nearby Mexican restaurant Rosita's. I thought it seemed like the temp was dropping but when you're out exercising sometimes it's hard to keep track of these things. We were sitting in the restaurant when all of a sudden snow flurries were flying outside like it had been snowing all day. The restaurant erupted in excited chaos (it rarely snows here) and we hurried home before traffic got bad (again, it rarely snows here). The snow kept coming down for another hour or so after we got home and it actually accumulated on the ground - we got at least a few inches!

My flowers, which are still blooming, got covered in snow.

Our pretty new car was also covered in snow:

It has finally stopped snowing and now we have to decide how bad it is out there and whether we want to risk going out in it. Unlike the smooth operations of the road crews in Minnesota, Seattle road crews are slim to non-existant and do not get the roads cleaned up very quickly after a heavy snow (and they really don't believe in salt or sand out here).

If maybe it's just a perfect night for some hot cocoa and a snowman!


Peggy said...

I just love snow. I always am a big amused when we get snow here. Everybody gets in such a big flap when there is just a dusting (by my standards).

Kathy said...

The pictures of the flowers with the snow are so pretty! Enjoy the hot chocolate and build a big snowman ;)