Monday, December 17, 2007

Pants too short - a lifetime of torture

All my life I have struggled to find pants that are tall enough. I am not even that tall (5'8"), so I feel really bad for those of you who officially are considered tall.

When I was in junior high, you could probably have considered me 'tall.' I was a scrawny string-bean and couldn't find a pair of pants that fit to save my life. Sometime in high school they started making longer pants (or I started fitting into them) and my problem was solved... sort of.

Now I can sometimes find pants that fit, but every once in a while, they don't. Or worse, they fit until I wash them, then they don't. The latter is infuriating. The problem is particularly pronounced for pajamas and for athletic pants (eg yoga pants and running pants - this even dates back to my days of horse riding). Are tall people so notoriously un-athletic that there is no need to make long legged ahtletic pants?


The short people can always hem them. HEM! THEM!

This way the rest of us can at least have a chance.

To the short designers of athletic pants: I will even hem your pants for you, if you will just make me some taller pants.


Anonymous said...

Finding long or tall shorts is even harder. It isn't the length but the rise. I don't like a day long wedgie feel.

Katy said...

I am sending you all my pants from now on so you can hem them. SHORT PANTS RULZ!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 5'2" and I have just as hard of a time finding good quality petites that I can afford. If I have to pay $60 + per pair I want it to fit. Unfortunately most places dont offer to hem them. It's do it yourself or pay someone else to. And as alot of people these days dont sew... Length is a problem for everyone who's not at least 5'5". As far as your solution to hemming goes, you could also find some a lil larger and get them tailored if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Lululemon makes wonderful pants that are truly LONG, even for those of us who need a 36" inseam. Their tall pants are really made for talls! These are my favorite pants for Pilates and for casual wear.

Anonymous said...

I found a great product for lengthening pants! I bought this on a whim thinking it would not work. I was so surprised when I got 2 inches after using the product. I am 5' 10" & my pants shrink every wash it seems like.
So happy now!
The product is Baby Wear It Longer

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