Sunday, December 16, 2007

A hard week and a horrible presentation

I had a rough week last week. First, some strains I spent the last four months making weren't checking out. We tried every last thing and couldn't figure out why they weren't checking out. Finally, on Thursday, I took desperate measures to do a final check on the strains and got an impossible result back. Then I went home to finish working on a big presentation I was giving the next day for all the labs on our floor - about making the strains and checking them out. I put together a good talk, despite our weird results, but my mind just wasn't 100% and I totally fouled it up. One thing about me is, if I'm not 100% I'm about 0% and the result it not pretty. I rambled on and on, jumping from topic to topic, answering questions with unrelated factoids, and saying some things that aren't even true.

I'm trying to let it go. But all the stupid things I said keep floating to the front of my mind and I feel dumb all over again. My Studly Hubby is doing his best to create good diversions. We even went shopping, during the worst time to go shopping, and although it was very helpful it only lasted a few hours and then I was thinking about all the dumb things I said again. We did find some great sales though.

Today we're working on our Christmas cards as further distraction. I had a long counseling session with my counselor-mom over the phone and she helped me feel better. And I'm trying to get some good out of all this useless anxiety by redirecting it into getting housework done. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ready to go back to work, but I'm really glad Christmas break is coming up.

9 days till Christmas!


Anonymous said...


How are you? I thought I'd tell you that Beauty is still alive - he likes new paper. Also you were not kidding about him liking millit seed. He doesn't stop until the whole branch is bare. :)

Pets are cute - one of the cats is trying to eat my drawstring.

J-Funk said...

Hey G! Nice to hear from you. I can't believe Beauty is still kickin'. Sounds like he's his usual self too. I'm glad he is so entertaining and I'm really glad he's with you, he's in good hands.

Hope all is well!


Peggy said...

I'd open that present. It might be perishable!

I bet your strains will have sorted themselves out when you get back and will be behaving as they should. IN any case, sweetie - don't worry. You won't remember this stuff by this time next year (unless you re-read your own blog)

Uncle KT said...

Email to follow!

Fixen Vixen said...

Don't worry! We all have days/weeks/years like that in science! I once gave a talk, and I couldn't remember simple statements and words like 'chemical mutagenesis' and 'steady-state'. I felt really dumb!