Sunday, December 16, 2007

The present under the tree

My step-dad sent us a present that is beautifully wrapped and we put it under our tree.

We're heading to Iowa on Friday for the holidays so we don't have any presents to put under the tree other than the one (we've already wrapped and shipped all of our presents off, and most of the presents we're going to receive are waiting for us in Iowa). My Studly Hubby wants to open the one present we have but I like how pretty it is under our tree (it's even red!!) so I have been resisting.

This is only the second year we have even had such a big tree that we can put presents under. Since we won't be here for Christmas, we haven't put too much effort into decorating it (can you find the one red ball on the tree?). It's so pretty to have it up and the lights on.

We finished our Christmas cards today and I am starting to send those off. We always do an Onion-style newsletter for our Christmas cards and it's super fun to put our talents together (I write, the Studly Hubby does the art) and be creative like this every year. I have so much fun doing it that one year I even did one for our lab. That was super fun too.

I hope everyone is getting a chance in between all the chaos of the holidays to enjoy it!

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