Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

I'm torn between being excited and being stressed out, as usual for this time of year. We have so much to do, and most of it is fun, although there's so little time, but still - it'll be fun, but there's so much to do!!

For the first time ever, we got most of our Christmas gifts bought before it got stressful. We left up some lights from last year so just had to turn those on. And our tree is fake and already strung with lights so that's easy too.

But even with that, there's still so much - getting ready to travel, Christmas cards, wrapping presents and sending them out, all the work-related Christmas parties...

But it's also so much fun!


Peggy said...

If you're trying to decide whether to be excited or stressed out, I'd go for excited. It's much nicer.

Uncle KT said...

Yeah--I say go for excited too. You wouldn't be so stressed out if you didn't have so many friends and family that loved to hang out with you! But when you think about it--that's a good thing! It's too bad that you're in Seattle--I'd invite you and D over for some Soy Nog!

J-Funk said...

ok, excited it is then!!

Thanks for the soy nog kt!!