Monday, December 10, 2007

Lighting a Fire

It's been cooooold here in Seattle (low '30s F) so last week I emailed our landlord to ask him whether our fireplace actually works. He wrote me back that it does indeed, and to go ahead and try lighting a fire in it (with a fire extinguisher nearby just in case). So Saturday night we talked each other into trying it out. I was very nervous. Lighting a fire in my living room still seems weird, even though I grew up with a woodstove that we used regularly.

It turns out it was extremely easy. Especially because we used a firestarter log that we had lying around from the former tenants. It lit right up, and we had a blazing fire all night. I even properly used the flu to dampen the fire down when appropriate and put it out when we went to bed. I was very proud of myself. And look how lovely our fireplace is!! It was super warm and cozy too.

Does anybody know where to buy firewood in small apartment-sized bundles? I want to try this again!


Eric said...

I'd use the synthetic ones, you get at the home stores, they usually last for quite a few hours, burn fairly clean...

Umn.. Around here you can get it at lumber yards and 7-11

Susan said...

I've seen small bundles at the grocery stores. But, as Eric says, the fake ones burn much cleaner.

Just curious, does your fireplace actually put out heat? After last year's windstorm, we learned that ours stinks at warming us up!

Susan at A Slice of Life