Wednesday, December 05, 2007


As a going-away party for two of my Seattle friends that are already moving on to a new world (yes this is the world of academics), we went to a Brazilian restaurant in downtown Seattle called Ipanema. My boss paid for it, which was good because it was kinda pricey. It was very yummy though.

Traditional Brazilian cuisine goes like this: you get some salad at a salad buffet, then go back to your table and wait for the restaurant staff to bring over big hunks of grilled meat. At your table they cut off little pieces for you that you grab with some tongs as it comes off the hunk. Lots of different kinds of meat hunks are brought around, some over and over, and everyone at our table sort of cheered each other on to keep eating and eating. I went way beyond my eating capacity and then had even more at the end - they brought over grilled pineapple for dessert and then I ordered some coconut flaun (the best I've ever had). It was all really delicious. I am still full from it, two days later.

Well we finally stopped eating and the party finally ended and the Brazilian friends finally flew the coup. They went back to Brazil for a few months to celebrate their newly minted PhD's and then will come back to the Pacific Northwest to start their post-docs in Vancouver, Canada. So they won't be too far away in the end and I'm trying not to be too sad.


Uncle KT said...

It's good that the boss paid because every Brazilian steakhouse that I've ever heard of is WAY expensive but great. They finally opened one here about a year ago. I'm still waiting for someone (boyfriend, parent, boss) to offer to take me there for free because it's too expensive for a grad student.

J-Funk said...

KT - you should suggest it for the holiday party!!

Uncle KT said...

Good idea! Although I love G's dog so I'm torn between expensive lunch and playing with the puppy!