Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We fought off busy schedules, sickness and the threat of rain to head up to Mt Vernon WA this past weekend and participate in the Tulip Festival (which takes place during the whole month of April). It was totally beautiful, I would recommend it to anyone. The only bad thing was, tulips are a crop (they crop them for the bulbs), and we got there just days after most of the tulip tops had been cut off all of the crop fields - so the only uncropped tulips left were the demonstration fields (shown in the pictures). These were still beautiful, and I can't imagine how much more beautiful it would be to have fields and fields more of them. It was one of those places where no matter what you point your camera out you will take a beautiful picture.

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susan said...

Aren't they beautiful? We just went up last week as well. It seemed as though everyone had cameras! (I've been posting my shots on my photoblog)