Friday, April 27, 2007

Still SICK!

Friday's here and I'm still sick (happy Friday everyone!) despite a maximum effort to do nothing every night this week. I sure am enjoying our new couch, but let me tell you, it's frustrating to fall so far behind on everything. Fortunately the Studly Hubby is on top of it, and washed some of the laundry (we were both running out of underware!) and did some dishes, and has been making dinner. He even went out and bought cough syrup for me on Wednesday night. But the laundry isn't getting put away, and the birthday thank-you cards still haven't gone out, and I even forgot to call my Dad on his birthday (sorry dad!). The mere effort of talking is putting me into a coughing fit. I've learned that if I cut back to about 1/10 effort at work I can still accomplish a few things (and make a face appearance for all the seminars and meetings we have). I've been going in obnoxiously late and leaving obnoxiously early every day (the luxury of having a 'flexible schedule'). I'm sharing a bench with a visiting post-doc this week and it occurred to me this morning that she must think I'm a lazy-butt. Oh well. Maybe all the coughing I've been doing clued her in. I'm wondering if I had taken a day totally off maybe that would have sped up the recovery - I always have a hard time judging that.

The hit to our half-marathon training is what's bothering me the most. We're up for another long-distance run sometime this weekend, and we skimped out on the last one (although still got in 8 miles - but that was a few miles short of what I really wanted to do). I need to be all better for the final training run this weekend so we can do our goal distance of 10-11 miles. Plus I skipped running all the rest of this week so I'm not even doing our short runs (although I may try one today). I'm still walking in to work and back so I can say I moved my legs a little but I'm afraid I'm slipping backwards on the training - not good when you're a week and a half away from the big race.

Blah! I hate being sick.

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Dana said...

Try Mucinex DM for your cough. It doesn't cause drowsiness and it is a cough suppressant and expectorant. It is tablet form. That is if what you are using isn't giving you relief. Hope you feel better.