Wednesday, April 04, 2007


The last three weeks have been pretty jam-packed with fun so this week I'm finding myself all worn out. On Monday I stayed home - I spent the day analyzing data from all my experiments last week and then took advantage of being home and slept in and ran a few errands. Every night I've been trying to go to bed early and I've cut way back on my agenda at work this week. But how does one 'speed up' the recovery process? I'm not sure it's possible. To make matters worse, lots of people around me are sick so I'm afraid I'm fighting off a disease (or two), which may explain why I'm so totally tired. So I'm drinking lots of tea, taking Vitamin C, and trying to eat healthy and get lots of rest (I'm pretty good at doing this stuff anyway). Hopefully it'll work and I won't get sick.

Next week I'm leaving for The Great Midwest for a conference in St. Louis and a stop off to see my mom beforehand and my dad afterhand. My Studly Hubby has decided to go with for the first leg of the trip so he can see his family too. We're both very excited - we haven't been home since Thanksgiving! It'll be a very short weekend for me though, followed by an intense conference (I'm giving a talk!), so I'm hoping I don't turn into a slobbering wreck. One nice coincidence: I'll be heading off to Iowa the day after my BIRTHDAY! So I'll get to celebrate in style with my mummy and my in-laws at one of the fine dining establishments of our hometown (yay!). Taste of China is out, though: they've been swarmed by the IRS and were shut down for business last week (boo!).


Peggy said...

Hamburg Inn!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter