Saturday, April 28, 2007

April Flowers!

April rocks for a number of reasons, but one is definitely the flowers. Even here in Seattle, where things stay green all year around, April brings abundant color and even more green growth than usual. I returned from my trip to the midwest to find flowers all around me.

A bouquet of flowers my Studly Hubby picked up for me - what a Studly guy!

Along our sidewalk outside of our door a bunch of blue somethings popped up, and across the way some red things appeared on our holly tree (yes, they have actual live holly growing here - it's like a weed!). We also have a bunch of things in our front yard that were identified by our new neighbor as rosemary, peppermint, a rose bush, and yellow and blue flowers. I bought some seeds to plant but didn't get them in the ground soon enough - so maybe I'll just try my hand at weeding this year and see how that goes. Another neighbor came over today as I was taking these pictures and made a rude comment about the state of our yard - I think she might have been implying that we could do something about it - I'm a little angry but maybe a little motivated too. Working on the yard would definitely be a way to enjoy the nice weather we have here, and somebody at some time planted our yard full of pretty things that just are just waiting to be uncovered so they can really grow.

A new bud on our ever-surviving rose bush - the bush is as tall as I am! I can't wait for it to bloom.


susan said...

I'm constantly amazed when something just grows! I have little things poking out of the ground and it's a guessing game as to whether it's a plant or a weed...

Tink said...

Ooooh. Pretty!

I love the flowers in Seattle. I've never seen any more beautiful or large before in my life.

WV: jabjam (A fighting technique?)

Newt said...

Ooooh pretty. I have to get back to Seattle. It's so beautiful there. One of my customers keeps offering me a salmon dinner. I really must take them up on their offer.