Sunday, April 08, 2007

Around and Around Green Lake

We are thick in the middle of training for a half-marathon that we are going to do in May in Vancouver, so yesterday we ran NINE miles (1 hr 45 minutes). So far we have been training by running around Green Lake (pictured below):

Green Lake is about one mile from our apartment, so we run there, run around it once, then run back to get 5 miles. Then for 7 miles we ran there, ran around it twice, and then walked back and for 8 miles we did the same except we ran back. Now that we're logging higher mileages I proposed we find a new route but after considering our many hilly options we went again for the relatively flat route of Green Lake - and ran around it three times. So now we've run around Green Lake a total of 8 times since we've started training for this half-marathon. We are becoming The Champions of Green Lake. The funny thing is, when you run around and around Green Lake as we have done you pass other people that are doing the same thing, but in the opposite direction. Sometimes people going in the same direction even pass you multiple times (we are pretty slow). It's a really good lake for running around and around because it's full of interesting people and their funny dogs and now that it's April everything is blooming, too. Plus did I mention that it's pretty flat?

So today we are recovering from our NINE mile run yesterday, and my Studly Hubby is cooking up a big Easter dinner while I read some papers and work on my talk that I'm presenting next week in St. Louis. I'm practicing the talk for my lab on Tuesday so wish me luck!

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