Friday, April 13, 2007


My mom's new dog is VERY cute. His name is actually Numi, I got it wrong in an earlier post. We spent lots of time taking pictures so I could be sure to put them up on my blog and so we would have a good documentation of his puppy-hood. For the record, he is a Tibetan Terrier and he is about 15 weeks. He is expected to get to about 20 lbs (he is around 14 lbs now).

"What book are we reading today mom?"

"This book is boring - just skip to the end!"

"My chicken toy and I are good pals, I like to keep him nearby so I can chew on him whenever necessary"


Peggy said...

Sweet!! He's just beautiful! Did you know that this year Crufts (top dog show in the UK)was won by a Tibetan Terrier?! You guys are so trendy!

Lovely photos

Newt said...

What a cutie! Awwwww, and he's going to be the perfect mighty dog size.

Uncle KT said...

The dog is very cute...I really liked the one of Numi sitting by the toy!

Katy said...