Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Celebratin' in STYLE

I'm Celebratin' in Style today by going to book club - this week it's Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. It was kind of a weird book but I did enjoy it.

I may also head out of work a little early this afternoon (shhh!) although I'm guessing that I'll still be working on my talk for Monday and reading some papers tomorrow on the plane ride to Iowa. I gave a practice talk yesterday for my lab and it went well although it got picked apart for about two hours - which is a little long considering it was only a 15 minute talk. But I got a lot of good tips and we went into a long tangent discussing the scope and goals of my project in general so it was all good. Then at the very end my boss gave me some rare, high praise that sent me floating back to the lab swelled with self-pride - now THAT was a good birthday surprise! Plus my co-workers brought birthday cake to my lab meeting so I had a nice sugar-high on top of it all.

My Studly Hubby has been busy as a bee cooking fancy food for me and finishing up a neat-o shot for his animation job applications to send out before we leave for Iowa. It looks like he may actually get it all done, too. I seriously doubt he'll go to book club with me since the only fiction he's read since I've known him is Harry Potter, so I'm encouraging him to go get a haircut tonight while I'm at book club. I don't want his mummy and daddy thinking he's not getting taken care of out here so far away from home.

In celebration of my birthday, and because a co-worker mentioned it on Monday (she had a bout of food poisoning from it) I bought some fancy cheese from the slightly-fancy grocery store on Tuesday and ate way too much of it last night. The kind I bought had been aged in a cave in England so I thought that sounded promising. It was quite good, too.


Dana said...

Happy Birthday!
See you tomorrow

The Mop said...

Happy Birthday

J-Funk said...

Thanks guys!

Katy said...

yum CHEESE!!! Happy BDAY!!!!