Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Sick Day Throws My Whole Game Off

I returned from another Great Midwest Tour last week only to fall ill within 24 hrs of my arrival and have to lie around on our new couch all day Saturday blowing my nose. I got through one and a half seasons of Sex and the City and half an O! the Oprah Magazine but other than that was pretty unproductive. By Sunday I was already getting better so we went to the Tulip Festival as previously planned (pictures will be coming soon, hang tight, they're really good) but then yesterday I realized I had blown my one chance to get unpacked from the trip, send out thank-you cards for my birthday presents, get some laundry done, get our long training run in, post on my blog, etc since I usually get so sucked in to the work week I can't get anything done once Monday rolls around. The training run was necessary since the half-marathon is in less than two weeks so we went out last night after work and ran 8 miles (although we walked the last mile but I'm still going to count it). I think that's by far the longest I've ever run on a weeknight and I considered that a major accomplishment. It's very tricky running on a weeknight - around mile 7 I crashed because I hadn't had any dinner and then when we got home I was really dehydrated but didn't have enough time to re-hydrate before bedtime. But at least we got something done. This next weekend we are going to run 10 miles! Then 13 the weekend after for the Big H-M in Vancouver.

So hopefully the rest of the week I can slowly get a few things done to make up for being sick this weekend. I'm posting on my blog right now, so that's something!

Thanks to all I visited in the Great Midwest last week for hosting me or visiting me during a fantastic trip. I'm really glad I could go and see each of you.


Uncle KT said...

I hear you!!! There is NO TIME to get sick!

Peggy said...

You'll figure out how to get stuff done during the week. In the meantime, I blame airplane air. It's foul stuff!

I'm glad you're feeling better.