Thursday, November 10, 2005

what to do with a weblog?

My dad is making a list, on his department's website. He is shooting for 100 things to do with a weblog, and has 73 so far. Lots of good stuff, many of which I've done myself and many of which I'm still wondering how to do or where to get the nerve to do. My favorites:

27. Test the limits of free speech and see if anyone notices.
29. Hide poetry in the template code.
32. Tell everyone the log-on and the password and see if anyone uses it.
39. Make secret doors that go places that are interesting. Make punctuation into trap doors.
40. Make things that look like advertising but aren't.
44. Invent your own writing system: start leaving out vowels.
53. Leave "Post removed" and "comment removed" tags all over your weblog.
69. Make a national anthem play the moment your weblog is opened. You choose the nation.
70. Do the same only with a country song. Drive away the serious people.

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