Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Mall of America... yay!

We metro Minneapolisites usually stick our noses up at the Mall of America but every once in a while we have an unresistable urge to go there that can't be fought. That is exactly what happened today. The mission this afternoon: seeking out the elusive chocolate-covered blueberries (which can be found at Harry and David's) and to watch the new Harry Potter movie... whooooo! what a rush! While we were there we thought we'd stop for dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp for the experience and for one of their cups. I have one from Honolulu and now I also have one (a pink one!) from the Mall of America. These things with local reference become infinitely more important as soon as you find out you're leaving. We also bought a neat-o cup with a bear on the handle at Harry and David's, but it turns out when you drink tea from it the bear gets a little freaky in an in-your-face sort of way.

We have a new dog on our block, a rather delinquent one. He stays up all hours of the night, barking and making all kinds of noise (and encouraging the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood to make some noise as well, turning it into a late-night neighborhood party). He has also been reported to be seen publicly behaving inappropriately with other dogs right in front of our very apartment. This is not a family-friendly block any more I'm afraid.


Derek said...

I am still full of shrimp!

eaglith77 said...

Yo J Funk. Love your blog. Love it. Can't get enough of it. Minneapolis is really cool. Especially the Mall of America. And the new Harry Potter. But I dont really like the new Dumbledore! It was good. Creepy, but good. See ya Later Alligator.