Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The REAL Value of My Car

Check it!

My car, estimated value $1000, maybe, was the no. 2 stolen car in 2004. No. 1 is the 1995 Honda Civic.

Based on this, I'd say I'm driving around in a huge hunk of gold with gold plates and gold rims. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

Maybe if you spent less time wasting your life creating this dumb-ass blog you could afford a car worth more than $1000 you stupid cunt. hahaha

arial said...

that comment isn't very nice. I like your blog.

Derek said...

Anybody who leaves "anonymous" messages like that is definitely suffering from a case of small genitalia.

Don't listen to them J-Funk. Your blog is the best...The best!

J-Funk said...

Wow being called a cunt ripped me into a junior high flashback - the last time I was called a cunt - and that made me remember how I used to roll my jeans, or maybe I was called a cunt because I didn't one day, and now I'm just glowing with the popularity of my blog - it must be loved by many to be so hated by the few.

My first ever hate message! I have a single tear rolling down my cheek. This is the beginning of a new era.