Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Brother's Doinger

No, this is not what you think (you dirty minded readers you). My four year-old brother has invented a rather ingenious system to fight off all the unwanted affection he gets from his many older siblings. It's called a doinger. With his doinger he can remove all unwanted kisses and hugs from older siblings and even parents, even those kisses which you blow across the room at him, and put those kisses and hugs back on the evil perpetrator who gave them to him. This is a very powerful doinger indeed. It can remove even the stickiest of kisses and when those kisses are put onto someone else they are stuck there FOREVER, no exceptions.

This same brother is into a new very popular phenomenon called Perler Beads. They are beads that can be put together into a colorful design, such as a heart, then ironed so they are stuck like that permanently. He has a whole shoe box full of Perler Beads in a multitude of colors and can do Perler Beads for hours at a time at his little desk in the family room at my Dad's house. On one occasion, he fell off his desk chair and began wailing miserably, then got back on his chair and returned to the Perler Beads even while continuing to wail. Now that's some serious dedication.

Two of my other brothers are thick in the middle of college applications and writing college essays and all that jazz. I helped one of them with his essays on Wednesday, except that he's a lot smarter than I am so his essay was way above my head. I pretended to help him a little bit and then motivated him to send off the application, and a few others, and now he's almost finished which was a huge relief. Deciding which college to go to is the first really big decision of your life, and I think a totally overwhelming one, and getting a busy 18-yr old kid to get it done is pretty tough.

Well today I'm in Iowa reflecting on my Great Midwest Tour for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, on my way back to Minneapolis tomorrow. We went to Carbondale, Columbia, and Iowa this year, hitting almost all major relatives (and the rest will be visited at Christmas) and eating turkey and pie at each location. I'm going to be full for another two weeks I think.


austinboy said...

On my flight back from NYC this weekend there was a little kid sitting with his dad and he wanted to go chill with his mom 7 rows up, but dad told him he couldnt go. So he yells in the cutest vioce "Mommy! I love you a hundred skittles!", the mom just looked back and gave him a warm mom smile and said "I love you a hundred M&Ms". It was so cute.

uncle bruce said...

Perler beads have been around since at least when Alison was Eli's age. I have some hanging in my office cubicle even now.

Will try to blow Eli a kiss when his doinger isn't switched on.

J-Funk said...

Ha! Good luck. I tried that all weekend.

Thanks for stopping by...!

eaglith77 said...

HEy j-Funk, I see you just read my blog. There are some slight changes but I think it's fine. I was so excited to read about the post, "my brother's doinger", because he's still saying it. Now he's saying he "throws the kiss into the GARBAGE truck"! But he's a good kid. BYE!