Saturday, November 05, 2005

Week in Review

Another busy week, I'll update you with a brief summary:

Wednesday night - went to a local biker bar to watch a couple of blues bands, as usual the opening act (Ronnie Brooks) was better than the headliner (John Mayall's Blues Breakers). New no smoking law in Mpls proved quite effective and lovely.

Thursday night - needed a little vacation, so turned on our pumpkin lights, turned off all our other lights, attempted to make some Mexican hot chocolate, and pretended like I was watching the sunset. It sort of worked.

Friday night - went out for a very classy dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, then a very romantic movie, Wallace and Grommit. Our first dinner-and-movie combo date in about a year.

Another thing I've been doing this week: collecting college memoirs to pass on to my brother (on my mom's side) to help in his decision about which college to go to. So far I've gotten two from Augustana alums, one from a Gustavis alum and one from a Cornell College alum. They are all very interesting and sometimes hilarious reads and unexpectedly insightful. I hope my brother finds them useful. My other brother (on my dad's side) is also looking at colleges and has the complete opposite search agenda: like me, he wants a big school where he can remain somewhat anonymous and yet get access to some good, experienced faculty. The two types of schools (big state schools vs. small private college) are so different in so very many ways it's mind-boggling. Every day I am more happy with my experience and how well it fit my needs, but will forever wonder what the opposite experience might have been like.

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