Monday, November 28, 2005

Ten things to love about thanksgiving

I had a good nine hours of driving after our two thanksgivings to process what was so great about my favorite holiday, and came up with a list to share with all y'all (texan plural):

1. Pie, pie, more pie, all kinds of pie, unbelievable pie
2. Playing boggle with your brothers in a crazed addictive continuous haze - while your spouse and stepsister look on with astonishment and increasing disbelief
3. Listening to the entire book The Da Vinci Code on CD during the 20 plus hour car ride
4. Rockin out to almost completely uncoordinated music that somehow sounds good played by the two brothers, the Studly Hubby and the fiddler-father
5. Seeing my dad's crazy new hairstyle, we think he's going for the crazy-einstein look but he blames it on his new daily swimming habit
6. Getting hoardes of free books, mostly ones you know you'll love but a few mysterious gems (or rocks, I'll let you know) in the mix to shake it up
7. Giving away some free books, and five bags of clothes
8. Soaking up the 60 degree weather they have over thanksgiving in the south country we were visiting (and hearing a few good accents)
9. Going to the grocery store in Columbia, Missourri - they had cheerleaders dressed in gold skirts and boots called in to cheer a shopping-cart decorating contest that actually looked like fun
10. Coming home to Chipotle burritos and an entire season of Pimp My Ride on DVD... oh the luxury

1 comment:

KT said...

You will really love pimp my ride. All of a sudden you will have the urge to have a waterfall installed inside your car.