Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nice Hair

I finished my obligations today at a private college in Minneapolis for a class I'm taking. My obligations were to teach three lectures, attend one event with my faculty mentor, and provide some service to my mentor. The three lectures were torture, but in hindsight a good experience. The service was kind of nice, I gave my mentor some strains and a protocol and she promised to use them. The event I attended was today, a research symposium where the undergraduates give posters and talks on their individual and class research projects. These kids get a lot more attention than I did in college, and really impressed me with the depth of their understanding of the projects. What really impressed me though was how good they all looked. I couldn't figure out if it's because they were dressed up (I hadn't noticed this during my previous visits), they were younger than me (am I finally old? I don't really feel old), or because maybe they have more money (does being rich make you pretty? It sure can help with your hair and your suit). So I decided what I really need is not knowledge, understanding, or a good research project, but a good looking suit and some nice hair. This is good to know. I learned a lot from this experience.

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