Sunday, May 22, 2005

Booze: A History

A weekend of visitors and celebration reminded me of the merits and downfalls of what I was more familiar with in the Golden Era (college): Booze. My experience with it may reflect the experience of many others, beginning with your first glass of beer or wine (Boone's Farm in college, perhaps something more classy these days), peaks when your armor falls, resulting in a moment of extreme honesty or adventure that otherwise may have never surfaced, and ends with the payback you face the next day. After this weekend I felt it necessary to reminisce on my history of adventure, honesty, and payback.

The adventure and honesty includes proclamations of love ("you're the best friend I ever had!") without which my friendships may have never blossomed to what they are now. In addition, my extremely honest outpourings have brought me closer to my friends by necessity to protect the secrets I divulge. The adventures are almost too numerous to count and I can only say I hope they continue. I do apologize for any broken glass, missing articles of clothing or burned carpets and walls. In addition, many of these adventures have become a legend that will be whispered about for years to come and although that wasn't the intent it has become an entertaining outcome.

Along with the adventure, I have accrued an unfortunate history of payback. Generally my hangovers aren't too terrible, and I am ready for action by noon the next day, but on several occasions I have had to put up with some uncomfortable events that took place before then. The worst include teaching spin or horse back riding lessons, playing soccer, moving, church, and long car trips. Facing my entire department during a day of talks at a departmental retreat was also extremely uncomfortable, and most recently I have learned the risky business of fighting my husband for the bathroom the next morning.

Despite the payback, as usual this weekend was an extremely good one. I saw Star Wars, visited with some old friends, got important career advice, had some good wine, and recovered all day Sunday. I owe a big thanks to all my friends for joining me in the adventure and supporting me during the payback over the years!

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