Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Cleveland Rocks!

Went to visit my posse in Cleveland this weekend and learned a few things:

1. Babies are ok, as long as they're cute and they smile as much as they cry, and you don't mind admitting when they smell poopy.
2. When the baby needs sun block, we all need sun block.
3. Slinging out opera on the train results in a captive audience no matter your talent.
4. Blogging is fun!
5. My posse Rocks!
6. When a girl is determined, she IS capable of refraining from The Drink. We all know who I'm talking about (not ME!).
7. Melinda's man looks confusingly like someone I know from the past... someone whose name rhymes with Jill...
8. There's nothing good about dead fish on the beach.
9. Ariel may not bring breakfast in bed but she makes excellent muffins and provides the best cereal. Yea! Frosted Mini-Wheats!
10. Everyone poops!

Thanks for making this awesome trip possible everyone!!

1 comment:

mwz said...

Yep, that pretty much sums it all up. Great post.