Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Animation Show

We went to see the Animation Show tonight, due to my husband's obsession with 3D animation and everything related. We saw it last year and it was really good. Both this year and last year it was put together by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead) and Don Hertzfeldt, and it is about 10 short animations strung together in a movie that tours theaters around the country. My response to this year's show: NO GOOD. While the animation techniques were extremely diverse and creative, the shorts lacked engaging plots and some were so abstract neither of us could follow at all. The first short, Guard Dog, was creative and engaging but it went downhill from there. Even Don Hertzfeldt, who usually rises to every occasion, had a disappointingly abstract short in the Animation Show (clip from his most famous short, Billy's Balloon, is below).


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Byel Gould said...

We had a showing so I could go watch it in one of our local art galleries. I don't really know which version I watched, but some of the clips I remember were pretty hilarious - n' Some of them philosophical, like the one with the story of miscegenation - the part where the Asian girl doll figure rips itself apart was pretty impressive, in my opinion. Anyway it's nice to know another cool woman who dares to watch indie animation with all the uncles out there, lawl. Nice to meet you!