Friday, May 13, 2005

Blood Experiments

I need blood for one of my experiments, and the easiest place to get it is: ME. So, I wander around my building with a needle, syringe, butterfly, and empty jar looking for someone to draw it because I don't feel comfortable stabbing myself randomly with sharp things. I finally found someone who, I find out later, has never drawn blood, but at the time she promised me it would be great and it was. I had such a fantastic time actually that I went back for more. Unfortunately she wasn't around the second time, but her boss was so excited about the prospect of blood that he took my needle in his hand and stabbed his own arm with it, collecting the blood that spewed forth, and giving some to me for my experiment. His blood was not as pretty as mine, nor did it smell as nice or work as well in my experiment, but it was blood nonetheless and let's everyone cross our fingers nobody has to ever witness that again.

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