Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old man hips

According to my physical therapist, I have the hips of 'an old man'. This is a bit of a problem in general, but I think it will be an even bigger problem when I'm trying to squeeze out that baby. So I didn't argue one bit when I was told last week I should try to get a massage ASAP.

I had a massage on Saturday. It turns out this past week (the week before my due date) has been hard on my muscles - I think my joints are loosening but the muscles haven't caught on yet and are pulling everything every which way.

Well, the massage was great. I really enjoyed it, stumbled to my car afterwards in a post-massage daze, and then went home and spaced out for most of the afternoon. Unfortunately I woke up sore this morning, so it may have been a little too much. I have another massage scheduled for tomorrow, and I can't wait. This is definitely making my past due-date blues better. Although, I am secretly hoping the baby holds out until then so I can enjoy this next massage... can you hold your labor off just by sheer will? The Studly Hubby might be mad at me if I do, he's getting awfully excited. This morning he told me I was hogging the baby, and then made a big batch of cookies to see if it would entice the baby to come out. It didn't, but I sure enjoyed them!!


The Mop said...
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The Mop said...

Well, I'm very excited!

It's a little unsettling, that I'm excited at all.

But, it's going to be great

tom said...

don't feel bad, I have old man hips too. of course, i'm an old man!

Bill said...

Good luck with everything from Bea in Chesterfield!

She wants to know if the baby will be her second cousin, or first cousin once removed.

She also has a few things that she'd like to pass on, such as blankets and rattles.

Lisa wants to know what books the baby likes to read.

We look forward to seeing you in August.

-Bea, Bill and Lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

J-Funk said...

Mop, well it's very exciting! Just don't go on and on to your co-workers about it or you'll sound a little crazy.

Dad - maybe I got my old man hips from you!

Bill - I think this would be her first cousin, once removed (??) but I'm not sure! The baby would love to get stuff from Bea! That would make her feel very European. I'll get your current email address from my dad and send you my mailing address - or I guess we'll see each other in August! Maybe Bea can teach the baby to have an awesome British accent.

So far the baby really likes reading celebrity gossip magazines, teen vampire books, and the occasional real piece of literature for my book club, but I'm sure she'll have new opinions when she comes out. We don't have too many books for her yet!

Eric said...

A doctor friend of mine, The proper Professional kind, who would be a specialist in the field, but I can't type.

Says, "Watch out for a Low Pressure Weather system, it can be the trigger."

of course, maybe you know that.

Uncle KT said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get one last massage in before the baby comes!

Good luck!

uncle bruce said...

First cousin once removed. Alison and Ryan have scads of 'em on their Mom's side.

Ryan was 10 days late and would have loved to be later. He was in there porking out. He should have realized that the bigger he got, the harder it would be to get out.