Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Mower!

I always wanted an old-fashioned reel mower. In any big city, all the cool people have reel mowers (it is friendly to the environment AND your neighbors) and to me it seems like you have reached some sort of life milestone when you finally own a mower.

So you can understand how excited I was when we bought a mower today!

The Studly Hubby spotted it when he was out running this morning. It was on somebody's front lawn with a 'for sale' sign, and when we called about it the guy had about 20 reel mowers for sale in his garage. I'm curious where they all came from (probably an auction?) and why this guy is so into mowers (he was REALLY into mowers), but he gave us a lesson in reel mower maintenance and spent some time showing off all the bells and whistles on his various models for us. Also, strangely, he had no yard of his own to speak of so to try out a couple of mowers we had to cross the street and mow the lawn of the church next door - I wonder how weird that must have looked to an unknowing passer-by.

When we came home we showed off our new mower to all our neighbors who were really jealous of us especially their kids who wanted to try it out and understand how it works. I don't blame them, reel mowers are so cool.


Katie said...

My dad used to have one of those!

That One Girl said...

I just started reading your blog, congrats on the baby, she's adorable. I just find it really funny that 30 years ago or so, reel mowers were on the out, and new push mowers were starting to be the new thing that everybody had to have! Now, we're going back in time, and everybody wants the reel type mowers! So funny!