Monday, February 15, 2010


I hired a doula, which is a labor coach, to help me get through labor. The doula we hired has a lot of experience and sometimes mentors apprentices, so we encouraged her to do that and decided the apprentice could be my Studly Hubby's own personal doula, and he might need one because who knows how stressful this will be for him. Traditionally a doula hangs out with a woman during most of her labor and does whatever is needed, including helping with different labor positions and communication with the doctors. The doula will meet with you a few times before to help you figure out what you want (and write a 'birth plan') and then a few times after to make sure you and the baby are bonding and such as you should be.

So on Saturday the doula and her apprentice came by and we went over the final birth plan. I never even knew what a birth plan was until I got into this mess, and now look at me! Our birth plan is in its third draft and includes phrases I had never even heard of 9 months ago. Plus she gave us a list of things we MUST HAVE when the baby arrives (like diaper wipes) and we spent a big gob of money afterwards ordering things from various places to get stocked up.

We are in the final stretch - the cloth diaper service made their first delivery this morning, the changing table is all set up, the sheets are on the crib, the carseat is installed, and the Studly Hubby is keeping his phone on all the time. Here comes Baby!!


Peggy said...

My first baby came a week early, so you're doing well to get ready now. There is nothing to do but wait now. You can try to find your way to liking deep breathing and squatting in the meantime. If you can't, then try just deep breathing. It helped me - a lot! I have only ever squatted while camping. ;-)

arial said...

Not to be a big downer, but my 3 item birth plan with Sophie flew quickly out the window as soon as I was induced. I think my first item was something about not wanting to be hooked up to stuff all the time. Haha...not if you're induced lady!

Kerry said...

Oh....glad you found a doula. I know one here which of course is no help... Am so excited for you... a huge day in the life of you and Derek....and it's soon..

The Mop said...

GO! Team Baby!

I have the good Mojo going for you both!

MJ said...

You can rely on your nurses, too...they are AMAZING! So exciting!

J-Funk said...

Peggy - squatting is the WORST part of camping! I need a stool with a hole in it.

Ariel - one of the notes on my birth plan is that all of my plans will change if I am induced.

Kerry - yes, a doula in Iowa is not very useful to us! Thanks for checking in though.

Mop - glad to see you are still around! Thanks for the good thoughts.

MJ - you are an inspiration! I can't believe you are making wine so soon after Baby.