Monday, February 15, 2010

The Big Cooking Adventure

We are tackling the last things on our endless to-do list - ordering the diaper wipes, meeting with the Doula, attempting once again to find childcare, charging batteries for all the baby-toys, etc.

One of the big things on our to-do list was to cook some food and freeze it for later. The Studly Hubby decided to do it all at once on Sunday and he decided it would be best to cook enough food for 50 people for 3 months. He made enchiladas, hot and sour soup, chile with cornbread, and shrimp and potatoes (and then a pizza for dinner). He doubled or quadrupled the recipes. Then he froze everything down in individual portions and completely filled up our freezer.

Our kitchen was completely destroyed in the process. I tried to capture it on camera but couldn't really do it justice.

The dishwasher, stove, all the counters and the table were all covered with dirty dishes or recipes. I think he used every pan and utensil and bowl we own. At the end of it he was completely worn out and required Emergency Cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes just to make it to bedtime (they had special Valentine's Day rasberry chocolate ones, yum!). I suggested we have some of the Stockpile this week so he could catch a break but he insisted we save it all for later (because we might run out otherwise? not possible). We will be running the dishwasher over and over again this week to try to get it all cleaned up.


Anonymous said...

We're all getting excited!!!--A word of caution, though (in case you haven't already heard this in the endless baby classes, baby books, etc.)--some breastfed babies react to the mother eating foods that are too spicy/have too much caffeine, etc., so if that chile's too "hot", and baby gets fussy, you may want to switch to foods that are more bland. Good luck and enjoy! --Aunt Lori

MJ said...

Our freezer is swiftly filling up with breast milk, so hopefully you can get through that food soon enough to start your own stockpile (if you're choosing to breastfeed, of course!). It was SUPER nice to have food ready, though - you'll love not having to worry about it post-baby.