Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 30 year quilt

My dad is craftier than you might think.

He's sewing a quilt!!

This is picture my dad took of all the pieces put together. He's a lot more than halfway done now, which is good because he's been working on it since I was born. He's going for a 'earth-wind-fire-water' theme with a classic bowtie pattern (this is what he told me, it sounds like he knows what he's doing doesn't it?). The quilt started as a large project to fit on a double bed for his daughter (me) and has turned into a more reasonable sized project to fit on a crib for his grand-daughter (my baby). I think he'll actually get it done now because 1) he has a whole new deadline that he's really excited about (his grand-daughter is on her way!), 2) he blogged about it, and 3) he's worked out a reasonable timeline and reasonable amount to do. Hopefully his wife doesn't nix the project after 2 months of solid weekends! I'd really like to see the final product...

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