Sunday, February 28, 2010

Due today!

I've done it - I made it to the due date! And still going... the baby continues to express no interest in coming out. As usual she is squirming all around, especially after dinner, and seems quite content. The doctor told us last week that they will let me go 2 weeks after the due date and then they will induce. I predict this baby will go all the way. But, at least we know that the end is near.

Everything in the nursery is all ready to go - the cloth diapers are stacked by the changing table (delivered last week by a local service - they do pick up/delivery every week), and we practiced on a bear to make sure we knew what we were doing (cloth diapers are complicated - well not really, but we were afraid they might be).

Today we finished getting ready - I organized the baby's closet, the Studly Hubby cleaned the whole house (HE is definitely nesting!), and I finished some critical things at work, and then we relaxed. It was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle and things are pretty calm around here.

And we are all packed and ready to go!

Now we are just waiting and watching the belly.

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Peggy said...

That is a magnificent bump!