Sunday, August 12, 2007

Crazy Errand Day

Today we went out and ran errands, all day. Not only did we have a crazy amount of errands to run but we had a bunch of crazy experiences on the way, like:

1. Crazy Sweating Sweat Pants Guy. Every week we refill our five-gallon jug of water at the co-op (for only $2.25) and had to wait today for a crazy sweating sweat pants-wearing guy to complete some strange water-refill ritual. He had two 20-oz water bottles but before he filled them he wiped off the counter around the station vigorously with a paper towel while running the water through the system (to flush it?). Then he put in his bottle, filled it up partway, stopped the water, took a swig, capped and shook up the bottle, and dumped it out. Then he filled the bottle up all the way and let it run over for a few minute before dumping out a little at the top and starting the process over exactly with the second bottle. It was almost entertaining enough to make us forget we were waiting behind him.

2. The 'relaxin' dude. We went into a little T-shirt shop in the artsy Fremont neighborhood to poke around and as we were leaving a guy came in and said to the cashier, "hey! how's it going?" and the cashier responded, "I'm relaxin' dude!" I thought that was a great response and immediately reported it to my husband and declared my intention to use it the first chance I got. Not three seconds later a homeless guy we passed said "How's it going?" and I thought fast and responded, "I'm relaxin' dude!" It came out nice, I think I'll use it again.

3. The amazing ice-cream/indian food switcharoo. We were on our way to a Cold Stone Creamery to get some watermelon sorbet when someone mentioned Dairy Queen, which led to Annie's and their pretzel dogs, and somehow we ended up at an almost totally random indian restaurant piling up our plates at their buffet table. As we sat down with our full plates we wondered, "how did we get here?" and "Weren't we just going out for ice cream?" Then we looked across the street and said, "hey isn't that a VW dealer over there?" and suddenly we were wandering amongst VW Jettas and Beatles wondering whether we should buy one. It may be a good idea to leave the credit cards at home next time we venture out for ice cream.

4. The new troll named "Jo." There's a new troll in Fremont! Her name is "Jo" and she left footprints from where she resides at the Fremont Sunday Market to the Theo Chocolate factory down the street from her. We followed the tracks and poked our noses into the factory gift shop and ended up with some chocolate. We may have to go back someday for a tour.

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Uncle KT said...

an indian buffet sounds good! I stayed at the phage meeting with a girl from India and we had a long conversation that left me wanting indian food, badly!