Thursday, August 23, 2007

Will my Studly Hubby get a Mac?

My Studly Hubby announced last night that he may get a Mac for his next computer. My knees knocked together and the world swayed a little. "What!" I cried. He explained that Mac owners are simply better looking, they dress better, act cooler, and most of the ones in Seattle live in a hip part of town called Capital Hill. I think he's been watching too many of those Mac commercials, you know the one with the cool guy (who resembles Apple CEO Steve Jobs) representing a Mac and the ultra-nerdy guy (who resembles Microsoft founder Bill Gates) representing PC.
The Mac guy is deconstructed so anybody can obtain his super-cool attire.

Bill Gates (left) and Steve Jobs (right) really do resemble Mac vs PC guy (esp after some image manipulation)

Well after further questioning it turns out the Studly Hubby likes the Mac now for other reasons besides their new cool image. He's into graphics, and Mac has always had an edge on graphics. The program he uses for 3D animation, Myah, supposedly runs faster on a Mac. And now the new operating system for Mac can also run Windows, making it dual-purpose. In fact, a lot of people that work at Microsoft have Macs and run windows on them (weird!).

So I recovered eventually. Hopefully by the time the Studly Hubby gets a new computer I can handle having a Mac in my house.


Peggy said...

For creative work e.g. music, graphics and indeed animation, you can't beat a Mac. I used to have one and long for one again.

Eric said...

Let me just say, you can beat a mac. But.... I can't believe I'm about to say this. PC's Suck these days, they haven't improved in 2 years, after barely improving for the 2 before that. Vista is going nowhere.

I see where he is coming from.

Let me just be clear.... I hate mac's and mac users....Just had to say that... I'm sure the hubby is a great guy.

susan said...

Let me get this straight...all I have to do to be cool is to go buy a Mac? Who knew? I wonder how I could sneak one past my sweetie...

tom said...

Once on mac, never go back!