Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally, A New Fridge!!

On Friday, we finally got our new fridge. By the time we got it, everything in it had gone bad except for our beer. That included the yogurt, the soy milk, and even the jelly. A week and a half is an awful long time. We were too busy to get to the grocery store until two days later but we did get our magnets put up on our new fridge and the towel put in the door handle:
Our awesome refrigerator art from some nieces and younger brothers is all sitting in a stack on a chair nearby and will get put up very soon.

I think bad things definitely happen in threes. Right after we restocked our refrigerator I went into our laundry room and found water had leaked all over the floor from the water heater. So we put in another phone call to the landlord (we have her number memorized). This time I'm going to be serious from the very beginning: in order to take legal action against your landlord to get your stuff fixed you need to write a formal complaint letter and not just make a phone call. I will be sending a letter tomorrow (our neighbor recommended sending it certified). In 72 hrs if the water heater is not fixed I will have full authority to take action. I'm not sure what kind of action, but action nonetheless. That way we can move fast if our hot water goes out.

So if bad things happen in threes I wonder what's next? I hope it's our car. Then I can finally get a new VW Bug.

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Peggy said...

I forgot how big US fridges are. MAN! They're huge! I'm glad you've got one that works. Keep all grills away from this new one!