Friday, August 10, 2007

My mom and dad

My mom and dad are a funny pair. They split up before I was born, so they've never been together in my mind. And I never wanted them to be (as far as I can remember). They are completely incompatible and too much alike all at the same time. What's weird is that even though their lives collided only briefly, they have continued to act in parallel ever since. Two of my brothers on each side are exactly the same age. They remarried the same year. They went back to school the same year, started their careers around the same time, and even like the same kind of car (Toyota Camry) although they owned them in different eras. And last year they both moved out of their long-time dwellings and into new houses within the same two months of each other, and they both picked similar suburbian ornamental modern houses too (a surprise to everyone but me).

Last night, both my mom and my dad called me within one minute of each other. Not only do they rarely call me on weeknights, but my mom is at a conference right now, so the phone calls were both totally unexpected.

Sometimes I think that even though we aren't the typical nuclear family we are still connected somehow. Except I'm the only one to witness it. Well now I've documented it so you can all be my witnesses too.


Eric said...

Isn't that the classic existential dilemma, interconnected.... chaos.

FreeSpeech TV, if you get it or BBC ;)

Peggy said...

Hey, I was there when your mom and dad fell in love! I was the stupid kid neighbour, scandalized by the kissing. They were very much in love. I'm glad they made you before they went their separate ways.

Newt said...

Hmmm I kinda like that existential dilemma, interconnected chaos. The nice thing (and somewhat rare) is you have good memories from both sides.

Tink said...

Aw. You're their shared brainwave.

uncle bruce said...

Sigh. I can't even begin to write a comment -- this is way too heavy a subject for this blog or any other. I am flooded by emotion. Aren't families crazy, anyway.

susan said...

That's pretty amazing. I like what Tink said.

AND I can't believe you still don't have a fridge. Doesn't your jam mold? Everything molds here!