Thursday, August 02, 2007

Battle of the Grill vs. the Refrigerator

We shouldn't have put together the grill in our kitchen. Apparently the refrigerator couldn't stand it. The two don't get along you see. The refrigerator and the grill tore the whole place apart fighting that night and in the end the refrigerator lost. We had to throw all our meat away and now we're eating cereal with no milk because the milk has gone bad. Our landlord was stunned. "That refrigerator was only 2 yrs old!" she exclaimed. "Now I have to buy a new one!!" We shrugged. "We're sorry, but it's not our fault - it was the grill," we replied.

The grill was worth it. We grilled last night: chicken breasts (thanks for the suggestion Uncle Bruce!) and corn on the cob. Mmmm-mmm GOOD! And once again, we were thrilled to be renting. A new refrigerator will be delivered to us tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a sweet stainless steel one! With an ice dispenser!


Uncle KT said...

The fridge crapped out after 2 years? What brand was it...I want to remember to avoid it!

Peggy said...

You were using the grill in the house???? You didn't tell the landlord this, right?

Mmmm grilled sweetcorn!

Kerry said...

I guess you didn't you realize you needed to blindfold the fridge? You film it? Coming to a theatre near you, "Appliance Wars." ..or was this more Potteresque?

J-Funk said...

Uncle KT: Kenmore. Strange, huh!

Peggy: No, no, I didn't mean to imply we were using the grill in the house - we weren't. The fridge and the grill were simply sitting side-by-side overnight while we cleared out a space for the grill in the backyard.

Kerry: yeah, "Appliance Wars"!! That would make a great movie.

uncle bruce said...

There was a great parody of Star Wars, called "Hardware Wars". It featured toasters flying through the air, firing pieces of toast at each other. There were other jokes that I remember, such as a "Wookie Monster", droids named "RT Deco" and "4Q2", a princess with real buns in her hair rather than hair buns, and so on. This came out not long after the first Star Wars movie, so it might not be easy to find.

Derek said...

Everything is on YouTube: