Sunday, June 29, 2008

My bike is evil

I must have done something really mean to my bike, because it is out to get me. First, it face-planted me into the sidewalk when I tried to take it over a sweet jump (which was really just a buckled sidewalk but my Studly Hubby pointed out it sounds way cooler to call it a sweet jump) and then it tried to kill all my friends today by throwing me into them when I meant to simply dismount (my foot got caught in the pedal clip). I have another awesome bruise forming on my knee and a scrape. Now I am afraid of buckled sidewalks AND my clip-in pedals. Gah. And I learned one more time (second time in two weeks) that falling down really hurts. Thankfully I haven't fallen down while going fast (yet) so I'm not afraid of going fast... yet.

The really great thing about this is that no matter how dumb I look when I fall off my bike it still takes down my Geek Factor. I am now way less Geeky than my Studly Hubby, who got a whole bunch more geek points this weekend by geeking out at Pixar in San Francisco. He's going to post about it on his blog sometime soon.


Eric said...

Seems like that is the way it is, starting out on a bike.

You could try to get rid of the toe clips for a few weeks... or just keep your spirits up. I'd hate to see you stop using them, since they are so good for your fitness.

I do hate that feeling of going down helplessly in the street, and all your weight landing on one Knee....

keep it up! and try and keep the rubber side down.

Uncle KT said...

I'm sorry to hear that you fell again. But, I'm having a hard time figuring out why falling off of your bike twice (sweet jump or not!) makes you less geeky. Since you used to work with me you know first hand that I can be a little slow!

Katy said...

Sweet! You are biking!!! Did you buy a mountain or road bike? Clips are very hard to get used to. I fell like 5-6 times last year when I first had them. The best way to get used to them is to keep using them:) Trust me, a year from know you'll love them