Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bike accident!

I've already fallen off my bike and I've only been bike training for one week (2 rides!). Yesterday morning we had a beautiful ride down Lake Washington Blvd, with a delicious brunch afterwards at Cafe Flora, and then in the last 0.2 miles from home I went flying over a buckle in the sidewalk, my bike bottomed out, and I tipped over. Let's note that my Studly Hubby, who was right in front of me, flew over the same sidewalk buckle and made it without incident so it's not my fault that I fell. It's my bike's fault.

Well I learned once again that the sidewalk hurts when you land on it.


arial said...

What are you bike training for? Going to do a triathlon I hope.

J-Funk said...

arial - we are doing a fundraiser 3-day bike ride (for the American Lung Association) with a group from work. You ride around San Juan Islands, 60 mi per day. I did 20 on Sat and it almost killed me so I have a ways to go.

arial said...

Oh right, duh. You've blogged about that. mwz and I have even talked about donating, we should do that soon.

I did a tri on Saturday so that's where my mind was.

Good luck with the training and the fundraiser.