Thursday, June 26, 2008

The bachelorette

My Studly Hubby has left me! He's off for a weekend of fun in San Francisco and I'm here holding down the house and recovering from the nasty cold I caught at the beginning of the week.

It's lonely here! And our house is kind of a pigsty. Hopefully I can clean it up a little (instead of make it worse) while I am here by myself.

Without the Studly Hubby around I have to do a bunch of stuff that he normally does. Tonight I picked up the veggie box (he reminded me to do this by leaving the old box so that I smacked into it on my way in the front door), put away all the veggies, and made myself some dinner (burrito from the burrito stand for $4.75). I also will have to open a new jar of jelly tomorrow, which I will be psyching myself up for tonight. It's amazing how quickly one becomes dependent on their spouse, no matter how independent one pretends to be.

To make up for his absence, the Studly Hubby left me a bouquet of flowers on dining room table. What a sweetie!

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