Friday, February 22, 2008

No TV Week

We are between TVs this week (our obnoxiously big tv is arriving Sunday). I thought it would be an interesting new experience not to have a tv but actually we've hardly noticed it. During the week, we get home late, eat dinner, sometimes go do something (like go running), and then go to bed. We used to squeeze tv in there somewhere but it's not too different without it. We have a dog this week (we've been calling her Princess Zephyr, because once she stopped being so shy of us her true, very demanding, personality came out), so we've been going on late-night walks around the neighborhood with her and that's been a very good replacement for the tv.

The weather has been grand this week - sunny skies, warm, and the sun is going down later now so we get home with a little window of daylight left before dark. Very unlike the midwest, where our families and many of our friends are shoveling out from under an obscene volume of snow.

Happy Friday!

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